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Finally! corruption begins to be punished in Bolivia!!

Javier Quiroz from La Prensa reports about the former second strong politician in the ruling party: MAS

The former President of YPFB was found guilty of corruption by the Catler’s case.

Santos Ramírez, former President of Yacimientos Petrolíferos Fiscales Bolivianos (YPFB, hydrocarbon state-owned enterprise), was sentenced by a court presided by Judge José Luis Rivero Aliaga to 12 years of confinement in the prison of San Pedro [La Paz]. He was convicted of the offences of abuse of influence, breach of duties, contracts’ damaging to the State, uneconomic conduct, own passive bribery and criminal association.

On January 27, 2009 the murder of Jorge or ‘Connor D’ Arlach in the doors of the House of Gonzalo Aramayo, Ramirez’ former brother-in-law, a crime giving rise to a fact, now proven corruption with regard to the recruitment of the company Catler-Uniservice to build a separating-liquids plant in Rio Grande, Santa Cruz became known.

By irregularities, Giovana Navia and Esther Carmona, former wife and former secretary of Ramírez, shall respectively, meet nine years in the women’s prison of Obrajes [La Paz].

Mauricio Ochoa Urioste, fugitive, and Marco Antonio Vega del Carpio also purged nine-year sentence; Agustin Tomas Melano, Luis Fernando Córdova and Javier René Navia Doria Medina were sentenced to six years in prison, while Misael Gemio received a sentence to three years in prison.

Miguel D’Connor D’ Arlach, José Daniel Álvarez Gantier and Julio Anagua Chumacero, who remains at large, were acquitted of blame and punishment.

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Regardless if the punishment should be harder or not, given Bolivia’s level of increasing corruption, this is a great signal. Although, it was a long process, which needs to be shortened ASAP… I hope this and governments to come do continue to punish the corrupt, regardless who they are!