Daily Archives: January 30, 2012

About two French tourists missing in Bolivia

Pagina Siete reported yesterday about a demonstration in France, regarding the disappearance of two of their nationals in Bolivia over a year and half ago; an unfortunate event that needs to be clarified ASAP:

About 300 people participated yesterday in a demonstration in Nantes (Northwest) convened by families and loved ones of a young couple of French disappeared while on vacation in Bolivia, a year and a half ago.

The participants in the demonstration, organized themselves so that the search is not abandoned, carried banners that made a “call for strong support from the Government”, as well as large portraits of Fannie Blancho and Jeremie Bellanger, young French of 23 and 25 years who disappeared on August 29, 2010 after a night partying in a nightclub in Guayaramerín, in the northeast corner of Bolivia.

“We want to show our determination that the mobilization of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs remains standing before the Bolivian authorities,” should use all means at its disposal to pursue the investigation, told Dominique Bellanger, aunt of Jeremie to AFP.

The Bolivian prosecutor handles the hypothesis that Fannie Blancho was murdered in the middle of an attempted rape, and Jeremie Bellanger was also [murdered] when he realized the death of his partner. Their bodies have not been found, while processing a suspect of the murder [continues].


Bolivians are mostly peaceful and non-violent; we should be thankful to all tourists that come to visit us. Bolivian police and government must work harder to solve this unfortunate incident.