TIPNIS struggle continues, January 24, 2012

Over the weekend, current president spoke of over three hours, he said that the law that protects the TIPNIS from the road will not be changed. This cartoon portrays the Cochabamba governor driving towards the right entrance that reads “cutting the TIPNIS” while the left road says “bordering the TIPNIS” The driver says: “..but Boss!… we are going to the right, helping the ‘OAS’ transnational..! while the governor says: “…to the left leads to be poor, the right goes to be rich!” OAS is the Brazilian company who has bad performance in other roads nationwide, but was awarded the construction of the road that intends to cut in half the TIPNIS. (this cartoon appeared in El Diario, January 18, 2012). This cartoon shows how current government is still pushing towards that road be built.

Going back to the presidential speech, it was good to hear that the law will not be changed BUT he said the TIPNIS and CIDOB leaders should go and explain/discuss with the other groups who are in favor of the road; these people do not live inside the TIPNIS but want a road to enter inside the park and indigenous territory. A HUGE presidential mistake, it is the government who has to enforce the law, Bolivia cannot become in a scattered tribes, each of them doing and pushing as they please.

I thought this government would have learned from their mistake in Huanuni, where miners who supported this government fought against each other; miners who worked for the state-owned mine and those who work in cooperatives fought and over 15 people died in that violent confrontation. Here, this government is pushing for a similar confrontation over people who supported this government; like what happened in Yapacani earlier this month with three dead people. In sum, this government avoids to enforce the law and is allowing direct confrontation among citizens.


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