Dengue kills 53 people in Bolivia during 2011

Pat at 19:56 tonight reported that Cedes Santa Cruz will probably call an orange alert as dengue is increasing dangerously. El Deber reported today about 53 people dying to dengue this year:

“Santa Cruz have had around 32 dead and 16 Beni”, reported the Minister of Health, Nila Heredia, after a coordination meeting with sector representatives at the departmental level.

The director of the departmental service of health (Headquarters), Guido Sanchez, recalled that the five who died in the Cochabamba Department must be added to the figure provided by the minister.

On the other hand, he explained that the problem for the continuity of the epidemic remains in the region of the tropics, because to date there was recorded 254 suspected patients, of whom 56 were diagnosed as positive.

He stated that the worrying situation is regarding the strengthening of the fumigation of houses and destruction of the mosquito larvae transmitter. Starting January 2012 in the most affected areas, there was an agreement with the Minister of Health, Nila Heredia, to continue with those campaigns.

“For each intervention we need about Bs100,000 and in January we will do at least two in the municipalities of the tropics,” he added.

In the meantime, the director of the pediatric hospital Manuel Ascencio Villarroel, Vladimir Rojas, confirmed that four children from the tropics were recently admitted with a diagnosis of severe dengue.

He mentioned that the most serious is a seven-year old, who was not stabilized and had to be moved to the intensive care unit during the weekend. He was transferred from Ivirgarzama severe dengue. “The other three are stable,” he concluded.

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