Bolivian cuisine

Pagina Siete brings good news, our delicious Bolivian cuisine will undergo re-engineering and the ally is a top-notch renowned international Chef:

In the large rooms and high ceilings of the House Goitia, there is a group of 50 young travelers through spaces that some will only play as members of the first generation that promises to make a revolution in the Bolivian cuisine, under the guidelines of the school of food from the Danish chef Claus Meyer, co-owner of the restaurant Noma, considered the best in the world in 2010 and 2011.

“We are here to make history”, tells the Danish NGO Advisor IBIS in Bolivia, Martin Laurent, there is a group of low-income young people from the Ichuri and Body of Christ foundations, who in the next three months will be selected to become new members of the school at the Goitia House.

While transiting the historic, century-old building environments, for them is not difficult to imagine how will everything look. But before the selection that will take them there, they will work for three months in a real company, where their capacities will be evaluated. The goal is to select those that in the next ten years will change the way of appreciating the Bolivian food.

On the first floor of the House Goitia, there will be a restaurant, a café-bistro and a bakery. The school of food, where each student will refine their skills, similar to Claus Meyer, who did so at the time to become one of the gurus of the new Scandinavian cuisine in the restaurant Noma (“no” from nordic and “ma” for food, in Danish).

Denmark practices

The project, which began with the visit of Danish chef last year through the creation of a partnership with the Melting Pot Foundation – social arm of Meyer’s enterprises – and the IBIS NGO in Bolivia, is now at a turning point, because it starts the second phase of training and practice of those who promise to lay the foundations for the new Bolivian cuisine.

They were joined by the Municipality of La Paz and the Fautapo Foundation, which managed to train young people in the basic operation of food for three months and a half.

As initial part of the project, the Foundation selected three young Bolivian chefs to go to Copenhagen, Denmark’s capital, and work in the restaurants of Claus Meyer at the end of 2010. They are responsible for training of apprentices.

Mauricio López, one of the Bolivian chefs, recalled that it was essential to work hard, up to 15 hours a day, and learn discipline. “I did a bit of everything.” One of the things that surprised most was the respect that they have for food, using ingredients produced in the region and fresh. “I noticed that Bolivia has so much to offer and we are still importing canned food,” he said.

For the full Spanish article, please use the link below:

Kudos to Meyer and all the people involved to really give a new start and opportunity to those young Bolivians. This is certainly excellent news as we can perform at a very competitive level with our delicious food worldwide.

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