La Paz judge orders the arrest of Governor Costas

La Razon reports today:

Justice declared rebel and decided to order the arrest of the Santa Cruz Governor Rubén Costas, he was declared in contempt. Costas is the only opposition leader still in office, after the suspension of his colleagues in Beni, Ernesto Suarez, and Governor of Tarija, Mario Cossío.

Opposition parties described as a coup d ‘ état the suspension of Suárez and then warned that the ruling party is moving in its strategy to take the opposing governorates. The leader of the not-so-long ago ally with current government party (MAS) is the No Fear Movement (MSM), Juan del Granado, said that the MAS will take over the last Governor’s office in the hands of the opposition, so he advised Costas to prepare for upcoming trials against him.

For the rest of the Spanish article, please follow:

It is also good to remember that La Paz, Cochabamba and Pando governors were also forced to leave office; the latter is for more than two years if not more, in jail, without having a transparent and objective trial.

2 responses to “La Paz judge orders the arrest of Governor Costas

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    • Thank you, now they say Beni governor will be prosecuted in February 2012… this government just wants to make sure we all recognize them as the ones who hold total power and control. Such a group of egomaniacs… I just hope Bolivia does not lose ground with respect to our neighbors, we must remain competitive, efficient. We must export added value goods, generate employment, that is the only way to fight poverty!

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