Proud of Bolivian jewelry!! Expojoya 2011

This is positive news!! as reported by,

Bolivian export quality pieces, will be presented in Expojoya 2011: “A meeting with your style”, which will expose the work of designers from December 13 to 18, in the Santa Cruz Cultural Center.

CADEXThis fair is organized by the Chamber of exporters of Santa Cruz (CADEX) and the Association of designers of jewelry and accessories (DIJOYA), having as its main objective, to develop a platform/showroom for the national quality, fine jewelry offer, to start positioning in the market and the strengthening of this productive area.

This year, Expojoya will feature the participation of 30 designers from across the country, which will exhibit their production in an artistic concept. The organizers went ahead with a fashion parade featuring the new collection of companies that promises surprises from their successful previous version.

According to Raquel Clouzet, President of Dijoya, they expect people who have a good taste in these accessories and becomes an alternative so that visitors can find exclusive garments to give away and look at new year parties. Because of this, designers have prepared their new collections that will be released at the fair.

For its part, Stephen Strauss, sales manager of CADEX, stated that the sector of production of jewellery in Santa Cruz, has great potential to reach other markets and spaces are needed to promote this business, who started with great force in recent years.

“In fact there are enterprises of jewellery and silverware which exported with great success.” “Likewise, it also opens to an interesting market for the fine bijoux fashion with stones, seeds and leather with creativity and a good brand positioning,” said the Executive.

Like most prominent Bolivian designers, in Expojoyas, there will also be involved small and medium entrepreneurs of the sectoral business core of jewelry of CADEX, which brings together entrepreneurs within the framework of the program Al Invest IV.

If you want to purchase or find more about this, please contact CADEX
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2 responses to “Proud of Bolivian jewelry!! Expojoya 2011

  1. Thanks for sharing this news with the world. We invite you to visit CADEX’s website and follow our activities on facebook

    • Thank you Marco, it is certainly my pleasure to show to the world what we, the real Bolivians are capable of. People who work, produces and generates employment against all odds; and that is something to be proud of! If you or CADEX were to publish similar news, I’ll be glad to share them to the world! Please feel free to visit my page as well! I will place a link from my page to yours.

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