Transparency International ranks Bolivia’s corruption

I made this collage from Transparency International’s Corruption Perceptions Index 2011.

On the left, there is the scale by color and numbers from the very clean to the highly corrupt perception for 2011. Below the title in black, Bolivia’s map with its “corruption’s color and those of our neighbors. To the right, the list of the countries close to us. Out of 183 countries we are in the 118th position. For the full view of the report and to download it, please use the link below:

http://cpi.transparency. / org/cpi2011/results

This afternoon, Los Tiempos website offers this information:

Transparency International reported this Thursday in Berlin on the perception of corruption in the world, the results for Bolivia are not the best because it was worsened as compared to 2010, when Bolivia became in 110th place out of 183 countries, now is in the 118th place with a score of 2.8. [where 9.0 to 10 is very clean]

In 2009, Bolivia was located in the place 120, two posts below as of this year; while in 2008 it had managed to rank at the post 102, the best place of the last five years; in 2007 transparency international placed the country at the 105 position.

Regional Bolivia is not among the worst located, this post is taken by Venezuela (172) and Paraguay (154); higher up, Chile and Uruguay have prominent positions, since they are in the place 22 and 25, respectively.

For Los Tiempos full Spanish article, please follow this link:

Long time ago I met Peter Eigen, who was TI’s president, and I had the opportunity to discuss with him the corruption in Bolivia and South American countries. From the conclusions reached back then until now, Bolivia has not reached any progress. And that alone is frightening… regardless of current president / political ideology, we as a country seem to be wondering around in circles and have no clue to improve, to gain self-respect and to move forward.

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