Certainly, Bolivia’s country brand cannot be an egocentric demagogue individual!

Great considerations by Pagina Siete regarding the caudillo’s image who wants to remain in power ad-infinitum:

In the sights

Is Evo the country brand?

It was a nonsense of Foreign Minister Fernando Huanacuni to say that the country brand of Bolivia is Evo. You can not put the party interest above the national interest.

The country brand is the image we project to the world as a country, not as a government and less as a party.

This marketing concept refers to the reputation and image of the country, which includes various aspects, such as products, culture, sports, companies, public bodies, among others.

The country brand is made up of all Bolivians, so it can not be a single person, let alone one that divides, like President Evo Morales.

While it is true that the arrival of Evo Morales to power as “the first indigenous” to assume that position has put Bolivia at the center of world news, this does not imply that Evo is Bolivia.

The country brand attracts investments, attracts tourists, defines our place in the world imagination. Bolivia is not Evo, therefore the country brand is not Evo. This data is important especially for investors who seek certainty before political messages.


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