Anarchy, chaos as a result of an incompetent, non-democratic government!

This cartoon is from El Diario, 08:29/2017:

It portrays current excuse of a president and his “priorities” …

During these eleven years he reacted the same way, fleeing away from solving issues with the population. In this case there is the issue of destroying a national park, the TIPNIS; and corruption of a mayor of his political acolytes in Achacachi.

This demagogue lives in the clouds and offers no solutions, let alone creating sustainable jobs … after wasting over $160 billion dollars in useless soccer fields and now bankrupt state-owned, subsidized companies.

A real shame for us Bolivians, we are slowly turning to be another Venezuela and then like Somalia, a failed state thanks to his ochlocracy!

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Senior managerial experience on sustainable development projects.

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