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Amalia Pando: “Mr. Edgar Apaza this time radio schedule is not yours is mine”

Pagina Siete reports:

Amalia Pando: “Mr. Edgar Apaza this time radio schedule is not yours is mine”

The journalist questioned the decision of the president of the Departmental Assembly to pretend to have a program in the same schedule of Cabildeo [Lobby].

“Mr. Edgar Apaza this schedule is not yours is mine,” was the response of the journalist of the Cabildeo program, Amalia Pando, after learning that the president of the Departmental Assembly of La Paz, Edgar Apaza (MAS), tries to occupy the schedule In which is issued her program to make another from 08:00 to 12:00 Monday through Friday.

The journalist questioned the decision of Apaza, expressed through a letter to the Gobernorate, calling it an arbitrariness and an excess of the abuse of power. She indicated that the fact of being president of the Assembly does not entitle him to “get” in the radio.

“He is not requesting (a space) He instructs the Governor, that is the tenor of the letter, that is going to do a radio program here, in a radio where he has no attribution whatsoever, he has no armchair, no chair, no little stool, he has nothing, here he has no business, go to Radio Patria Nueva, instruct there because they belong to his party,” said Pando this morning, in her program.

The journalist, who has repeatedly denounced that the government subjected the independent media to an economic asphyxiation by withdrawing advertising, announced that she will continue with her team as far as possible and expressed her solidarity with her colleague Gonzalo Rivera who could run the same fate in Lider [leader] radio.

Last year, journalists like Amalia Pando, Andrés Gómez and Carlos Valverde, among others, and media like Pagina Siete, ERBOL, ANF and El Deber were accused of forming the “Lie cartel” to destabilize the government of Evo Morales.

Several government authorities attributed to this supposed “cartel” the results of the referendum of February 21, 2016, where more than 50% of voters rejected the amendment of the Political Constitution of the State, denying a new re-election of the president and vice president.


Bolivian Thoughts opinion: The coca grower caudillo has seized ALL State powers for the last eleven years. he relentlessly aims at seizing power indefinitely, following the paths of Cuba, Venezuela and the declining “socialists of 21st century” … during his government, the delusional egomaniac has managed to waste over $160 billion dollars and Bolivian democracy is in peril!