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Watch: This Bolivian Restaurant Is Inside a Manhattan Subway Station

Eater Video and Lucas Peterson reports:

Watch: This Bolivian Restaurant Is Inside a Manhattan Subway Station

‘Dining on a Dime’ heads to New York City for meaty salteñas

This episode of Dining on a Dime, which kicks off this New York City-focused season, takes host Lucas Peterson to the center of all the action — right near Manhattan’s Columbus Circle, and in a subway station, to boot. Peterson heads underground to Bolivian Llama Party, one of the only Bolivian restaurants in New York and, according to its owners, the only one in Manhattan. [to watch this video, please use the link below]

Three brothers own Bolivian Llama Party (which also happens to have one of the more entertaining names of any restaurant ever featured on Dining on a Dime), and they’ve used their success to help the country where they grew up: By working with a local charity, they’re raising money to help single mothers in Bolivia find day care so that they’re able to work.

As for the food, don’t confuse it with Mexican or other Latin American cuisine: It has distinct differences. Salteñas, for example, resemble empanadas but are baked, not fried, and contain a rich, meaty stew-like interior. Watch as Peterson tries some Bolivian food… and channels his inner llama.


Bolivian Thoughts opinion: I am among the lucky ones who tried these salteñas and I was transported back home!

In addition, it is commendable that these Bolivian brothers use some of their revenues to help the poor in our beloved country!