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Condoriri Natural Park: Community prepares to create tourism agency

El Diario reports:

Community prepares to create tourism agency

Community members from the upper part of the Condoriri Natural Park, are engaged into arranging the creation of their own tourism agency, in the perspective of improving their economic income by implementing strategies linked to community tourism. This undertaking will allow the possibility of providing employment to 50 people linked to the industry.

The president of the Multi-Tourist Association of Agricultural Workers “Amauta” Condoriri, Franz Huampo said that the community, located in the municipality of Pucarani, Los Andes province, has the main characteristic of owning the “Tuni Condoriri” Tourist Park, which is Considered as one of the best-kept natural reserves in the department of La Paz, according to the tourists themselves and guides.

“We seek to create a tourism agency because we realize that this way we would generate more income for the community. In addition the people of the Association (Amauta) already know the routes and are trained as guides, however what harms us is not having knowledge of languages and not belonging to the Mountain Guides school,” he explained.

Likewise, the community has eight local guides, who are sometimes victims of “discrimination,” said Huampo, so this is one of the reasons that motivates the formation of a tourism agency.

While the villagers work to get support to start up their new project, they continue to collaborate in the cleaning of bathrooms, roads and pack animals. An example to follow in other communities with tourist attractions.


Bolivian Thoughts opinion: This is a great example of sustainability, it would be great if private companies with Corporate Social Responsibility programs could support these type of ventures!