Bolivia lost $5,600 million dollars in exports

El Diario reports:

Bolivia lost $5,600 million dollars in exports

• According to the IBCE, foreign trade of Bolivia since 2015 does not undergo a good time

• External sales fell about $4,200 million last year and nearly $1,500 million in 2016

screen-shot-2016-11-04-at-8-38-29-amBolivia lost $5,600 million dollars for the decline in exports in the last two years, according to data released by the Bolivian Foreign Trade Institute (IBCE), which proposed the Government to adopt public policies for development of non-traditional products .

The president of the Bolivian Institute of Foreign Trade, Antonio Rocha, said: “Foreign trade of Bolivia since 2015 bypasses a good time. In the last 21 months, foreign sales fell more than $5,600 million dollars (about $4.200 million last year, nearly $1,500 million in 2016), and the future is not promising for the ‘raw quality’ of the country’s exports “.

He explained that “this situation has turned to Bolivia heavily dependent on the prices of raw materials, negatively impacting on the Net International Reserves (NIR) of the country, after reaching a total about $15,500 million dollars at the end of 2014, to date are below $11,000 million dollars.”

Regrettably, this is another result of an incompetent government. Demagogue and ochlocracy have allowed to waste over $150 billion dollars since the coca grower caudillo assumed power …

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