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Due to Chilean workers’ strike: Bolivia’s Vice-Minister of Defence delivers humanitarian aid

Press Trust of India reports:

Bolivia’s Vice-Minister of Defence delivers humanitarian aid


Bolivia`s Vice-Minister of Defence delivered humanitarian aid on Thursday (November 10) to some of a total of 2,000 Bolivian drivers of heavy transport vehicles held up for several days on both sides of the border with Chile.
The blockages follow strikes in Chilean customs by which the National Association of Fiscal Employees are demanding a more significant rise in public worker salaries, and for which Bolivian authorities estimate a daily loss of 450,000 Bolivianos (64,896 U.S. dollars).
Bolivia`s Vice-Minister Oscar Cabrera said that aid, including water, bread and sardines, had been delivered to 800 drivers on the Bolivian side and 800 on the Chilean side of the border. “It is a sensitive task because it deals with the humanitarian part. The order came from the national government and in person from President Evo Morales, that food is distributed and we have now been able to reach more than 800 drivers with rations including water, bread, sardines, and they are very appreciative of the national government for this effort, despite having some difficulties with (Chilean) policemen,” said Cabrera.
Bolivia`s prosecutor general said the country would consider presenting the case against Chile at the World Trade Organisation, for the damages inflicted on Bolivian commerce. In the meantime, at least 450 truck drivers a day, many of them travelling with children, are held up at the border with limited access to basic goods. “They have detained us here since the start of the week since then we have been waiting to cross into Chile, we have been waiting in line for two, three days, and now to go back into Bolivia or to leave for Chile we have to queue up and wait in the same way, it is a great loss,” said truck driver, Rene Vellegas.
“We arrived here early yesterday morning at 4 am, but the transport line almost went to the other said, and food did not get here, the small amount of food which arrives is very far and is very expensive, costing up to 40 Bolivianos ($6) and we do not have enough,” added fellwow driver, Juan Mariscal. Bolivia`s land borders are the principal trade routes for the landlocked country, for which the Andean nation says neighbouring Chile is violating a 1904 treaty protecting free cargo trade.
Published Date: November 12, 2016 1:34 AM IST | Updated Date: November 12, 2016 2:37 AM IST


This is CLEAR proof that Chile can do us more harm than good, whenever they please! Things like this are the ones who prevent us reaching sustainable development, as Jeffrey Sachs et al mentioned before, when referring to the lack of sea-coast of Bolivia due to Chilean invasion in 1879.