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Carlos Mesa: Chile has an obligation to guarantee free transit to Bolivia

Hoybolivia.com reports:

Mesa: Chile has an obligation to guarantee free transit to Bolivia

screen-shot-2016-11-03-at-1-57-10-pmThe official spokesman for the Bolivian maritime claim [and former Bolivian President], Carlos Mesa, said on Tuesday that Chile has an obligation to guarantee free transit to Bolivia, regardless of internal conflicts in the neighboring country.

“The Government of Bolivia and the Bolivian State should not be interested about the reasons why the free transit is not met, ie, the Chilean government can not tell us “you know is an issue linked to social movements, or political positions or internal union positions of Chile”. Chile has the obligation to guarantee free transit to Bolivia” he said.

Bolivia’s foreign trade is still affected and suffer the consequences of a 72-hour strike last week met by workers of the Chilean customs and the holidays on Monday and Tuesday in that neighboring country.

Mesa said that in Chile there is “evidence” of a permanent direct or indirect action that “seriously damage” the Bolivian heavy transport, the exporters and the Bolivian economy.

Bolivia comes to sue Chile in the Human Rights Council of the United Nations in Switzerland for the way Chilean authorities dispense to Bolivian truckers.

In 1825, Bolivia was born to independent living with a coastline of 400 km over the Pacific Ocean; and a territory of 120,000 km2 in the mouth of the Pacific Ocean.

In 2013, Bolivia sat Chile at the International Court of Justice in The Hague, in search of a “sincere dialogue” to resolve its secular legal confinement.