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Bolivia: La Paz Water Rationing Now Permanent, Amid Climate-Fueled Drought

Democracy Now reports:

Bolivia: La Paz Water Rationing Now Permanent, Amid Climate-Fueled Drought


And in La Paz, Bolivia, government officials have declared the system of water rationing is now permanent, amid a worsening drought. Scientists say the drought is caused by the rapid retreat of glaciers due to global warming. Over the last three decades, Bolivian glaciers have shrunk more than 40 percent, affecting 2 million people in the region who rely on glacier melt as their water supply.


Eleven years have gone by under this government … $150 billion dollars were wasted and nothing, nothing was done to bring sustainability to our households.

The petty demagogue and banal discourse may have given the coca grower caudillo support, people ignorant of the true colors of this individual has led to this!

Of course he wants to remain in power, he is traumatized as he foresees that we wil put him to trial and eventually to jail!