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Bolivian businessmen say that 2016 was negative, this government flunked!

El Diario reports:

Businessmen say that 2016 was negative


Two months after end of the year, private entrepreneurs of Cochabamba already have an opinion on what happened in the present year. They believe that 2016 was negative and estimate a 2017 unfavorable for the productive sector.


“There has been a contraction, has been a massive closure of companies were 5,117, there are other companies that do not have sales due to smuggling and have had to reduce staff, then we are decreasing and that has to worry,” said Federico Diez de Medina , president of the Federation of Private Businessmen of Cochabamba.

The effects of drought, the entry of smuggled goods and falling international prices of raw materials affected several sectors of the country.

The businessman urged the Government to make joint efforts to reverse this situation by establishing a legal framework of laws, decrees and regulations, actions to “really favor the Bolivian”.


But year 2017 also does not project anything encouraging for entrepreneurs. The fear that prices of raw materials continue low is a threat.


“There are not favorable (forecast for 2017), there has been a large cut in hydrocarbons and minerals, luckily minerals are recovering their price a little; for next year, if we agree on coherent policies to provide jobs for Bolivians will be able to move forward,” he said.