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Delusions of grandeur or simply a sickening evo?!

El Dia reports via hoybolivia.com:

Seen as sickening the ambitioned re-election of Evo Morales

screen-shot-2016-11-07-at-9-22-17-amEL DIA.- The ambition of President Evo Morales, for a new election is already “sick” and has reached an end of the self-devaluation of the leaders of the Movement to the Socialism (MAS), who do not feel able to succeed him, said the governor of La Paz, Felix Patzi [former member of that political party].

“The incredible ambition of Evo seems a disease, and does not say with his own mouth but by leaders who speak in his name. This ambition can destroy the regulations and institutions. The Constitution is clear and simple: there is only one re-election,” he said.

Patzi said the political leadership of the MAS and some leaders of social organizations “have reached the end of the self-devaluation by stating that there is no one else but Evo, so you have to re-elect him again,” he said.


His delusional behavior has costed us over $150 billion dollars over the last eleven years … the best economic time ever in our history under the worst possible government.

Incompetence, corruption, narcotrafficking, smuggling and anarchy are the seal of this “government”. Over 600 Bolivians had to flee the country due to political persecution.

More than 60 people died tragically because of his inability to govern. He stepped down on democracy and forced to remain in power for more than he was supposed to … it is by large the worst ‘leader’ we had to endure …