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Bolivian city: La Paz, dealing with severe drought

Channel 6, Corpus Christi, TX, Kristv.com reports :

Bolivia city dealing with severe drought


BOLIVIA – Residents in Bolivia are having to ration their water. That as three main dams that supply water to the city of La Paz are almost dry.

screen-shot-2016-11-15-at-9-22-25-amLocal media reports that the main dam is at 1% capacity, while the other two are averaging 8%. That’s lead to programmed water cuts in some neighborhoods for the first time ever.

Residents have seen their taps “dry up” for 60 hours straight with intermittent 12 hour periods to restock. Environmental officials say, half the country and more than 125,000 families are desperate for water.


Bolivia has wasted over $150 billion dollars by the doings of the coca grower caudillo who became president of Bolivia, eleven years ago …

The ruling ochlocracy has neglected to be prepared for this serious drought. Petty populism have done nothing but waste our resources. The so-called defender of mother nature has proven to be a TOTAL failure!