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Danes fund 93MW in Bolivia

Renews reports:

Danes fund 93MW in Bolivia
Denmark agrees to provide $129.2m to support three wind farms


The Danish government has agreed to provide $129.2m for three wind farms with a combined 93MW of capacity in Bolivia.
Denmark’s development cooperation agency Danida will lend $113.3m while the government will donate $15.8m, Bolivia’s energy ministry said.
The funds will support the 36MW El Dorado, 36MW San Julian and 21MW Warmes wind farms in the department of Santa Cruz.
State utility ENDE will provide the remaining $63.6m needed for the $192.8m projects, according to the ministry.
Bolivia’s government aims to boost the country’s renewable energy capacity to 545MW by 2020.
Image: SXC


It is refreshing to see Danida still at work, despite the wide-spread corruption and ochlocratic moves of the populist government …