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A hundred years’ research of the Puerta del Sol

El Diario reports:

A hundred years’ research of the Puerta del Sol

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 8.41.11 AMA collection of national and foreign researchers made by Julio Cesar Velasquez, former Director of the National Museum of Archaeology, was reflected in the text entitled “Enigmatic Puerta del Sol, in a colossus and mysterious Tiwanaku,” dating back to 1890, date on which they began to name the greatest archaeological stone monument of the country as a portal dedicated to the solar star.

Among the researchers who are part of the historic collection are Arturo Posnansky, Carlos Ponce Sanginés, Leo Pucher, Fritz Buck, Belisario Diez de Medina, Alfonso Stübel, Max Uhle, and other eminent scientists.