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Bolivia agrees $300 million nuclear complex with Russia’s Rosatom

Reuters reports through Yahoo news:

Bolivia agrees $300 million nuclear complex with Russia’s Rosatom

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 8.24.34 AMLA PAZ (Reuters) – Bolivia and Russia’s state-owned atomic energy corporation Rosatom said on Sunday they had signed a provisional agreement for the construction of $300 million nuclear complex in the Andean nation.

Under the terms of the accord, which needs to be approved by Bolivia’s Congress, Rosatom will help Bolivia develop infrastructure for its embryonic nuclear program.

The center will include a research reactor, a cyclotron for radiopharmaceuticals and a multi-purpose gamma irradiation plant. Opposition politicians have criticized the project over fears of environmental risks.

“Our brother President Vladimir Putin has promised me the transfer of Russian know-how and technology,” Bolivia’s leftist leader Evo Morales said at the signing.

Morales urged Bolivia’s Congress to greenlight the deal within two weeks. The complex will be built in El Alto, a satellite city on the outskirts of La Paz.

(Reporting by Daniel Ramos; Editing by Richard Lough, editing by David Evans)


My opinion: Just like a wounded wild animal would react when in threat, current ochlocracy is pushing to scape from the corruption scandal that has touched the coca grower leader… this government appears to fear extremely to trials on their poor performance, as soon as they would leave office…

While there are other countries like Germany who have expressed a change in their energy policies, that is to walk away from nuclear source… this demagogue Bolivian president has blindly and relentlessly going after such a deal… he just pushes and the rest are forced to follow, he cares little on what my country really wants and needs.

This unfortunate decision, not only under environmental concerns but also on the waste of more million dollars, will haunt the lives of the La Paz people for generations to come!