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Chilean industry does not pay for usufruct of Bolivian Silala

El Diario reports off another abnormality imposed by Chile:

Chilean industry does not pay for usufruct of Silala

• Apart from the streams of Silala and groundwater that are in Bolivian territory, border region between the two countries, a legal technical study reveals that there are other water resources which are used without paying a penny, while other companies are marketing them in the neighboring country.

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 10.20.37 AMAs reported El Diario, in May 1996 on the illegal use of water from the slopes of Silala, originating in Bolivia, after two decades of it, this picture has not changed, so the Bolivian government asks Chile to pay for the abusive and arbitrary use of water resources, which makes for over 100 years without paying a dime.

Foreign Minister David Chuquehuanca pointed out that the announcement of Bolivia to study legal measures to defend the waters of Silala “is no threat” because the country has the right to exercise sovereignty over this spring.

He said that the spring waters of the Silala, born in Bolivia, supplied without any consideration more than 100 years ago to several cities in northern Chile and thanks to an agreement under private law, the watercourse was taken to northern Chile by a system with artificial aqueducts.

“With Chile we have several outstanding issues that necessarily have to solve through dialogue, through a sincere, transparent negotiation as brotherly peoples,” said the chancellor.


Shame on those illegal Chilean businesses! So much for Latin American brotherhood …