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Absurd Bolivian gov demagogue impacts employment!

This El Diario cartoon (09/15/2016) only portrays the crude reality in the Bolivian labor market:

Not only companies were forced to shut down their operations due to the disgusting demagogue of current Bolivian government, regarding the imposition to pay a double Christmas bonus.

To begin with, our economy has not increased, the perception of liquidity is due to the booming narcotrafficking, rampant corruption and smuggling activities that have permeated across all Bolivian society.

Households and small and medium companies cannot afford to pay the second Christmas bonus, as was forced down by the demagogue populist government in an attempt to remain on office indefinitely.

There are fewer households who can afford to pay a good salary, let alone an extra bonus to their maids … it is easy to speak in favor of this payment when your pocket is not being touched … politicians do only that with a group of “we-want-it-all” … they just demand without understanding how this payment will be sustainable.

Of course, Venezuela has suffered the most but Bolivia is no exception. There are many Bolivians who have lost their jobs because of the impossibility to pay this “bonus’ that does not reflect the Bolivian reality!

The cartoon shows an interview requesting opinion over this second bonus and the reply is simply they are being fired …