Great news: Jigote, the revolution that seeks to change attitudes

Christian Peña y Lillo reports for El Deber:

Jigote, the revolution that seeks to change attitudes

JigoteThe Bronze Patujú award was received for their work, begun in 2013, to make the city a more friendly, tidy, clean, safe and respectful place. In June, this year, the Jigote Revolution citizen movement completed its first year, of the 10 years that aimed to change habits, attitudes, habits and negative reactions of the population in different themes.

image-7“Jigote Revolution is a civic education campaign in 10 years, built from the civil society. Seeks to contribute and create a more friendly, orderly, fair, beautiful and efficient city, by gradually raising the level of civic culture of the population,” said José Antonio Prado, leader of the movement.

And is doing it, because despite its short life, its achievements have been seen this year and that is why El Deber elected [Jigote as the] Person of the Year 2014 (Santa Cruz area). In a ceremony to be held on December 15, 2014 at the Elder Journal, Revolution Jigote will receive the Patujú Bronze statuette.

‘Jigotes’ numbers

Through workshops, this movement has trained 3,000 people on actions to improve their relationships with others. Through tree planting programs, have been planted over 800 trees in different districts of the city, with the help of neighbors and students.

“Mate, your sidewalk”, was another successful program to encourage neighbors to clear their sidewalks and do not hinder the mobility of pedestrians. This year, 5,000 milk bags were also collected to plant trees of different species and, thus, create the Jigote nursery. Also, with support from 3M, the Funquipauer campaign was launched to recover the kindness of the population through phrases: please, thank you, good day, forgiveness and help you. The work of the volunteers of this movement is striking in cities in other countries, such as Salta (Argentina), where there is interest in replicating the idea.

No doubt Jigote must be replicated across our beautiful country. I welcome Jigote to The Hall of Bolivian Fame!

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