Another Bolivian gov scandal! more corruption!? Beni’s ghost town

El Dia reports:

According to the CSUTCB

Indigenous Fund gave money to a ghost town

They gave Bs630.000 to an uninhabited community in Beni. Call for investigation.

2014-05-30 09.08.13 amThe Campesino Workers Trade Union Confederation of Bolivia (CSUTCB) verified that the Indigenous Development Fund for Native Farmers (Fondioc) disbursed Bs630,000 for a productive project in a community in the department of Beni that no longer exists because its people migrated to cities like Trinidad, said the second general secretary, Joel Guarachi.

Research. The peasant leader asked Fondioc to investigate this incident because this institution made ​​viable those resources in coordination with former leaders of the Federation of Peasant Workers of Beni and even CSUTCB.

Guarachi explained that the community 16 de July, of the San Javier municipality in the Cercado province, where he saw a half-built barn and for which, according to the leader only Bs100 thousand  of the total amount was allocated.

The peasant leader said the community does not have legal land titling and that lacks any human settlement, except for one elderly person.

“I can not explain why they have given (resources) because it is not a community with land titling, is a community that had only one resolution of human settlement, including the community members do not live there, are people living in Trinidad,” he said.

This is a clear example of how this government moves people from one part of Bolivia to other regions, with the “pay-off” of land, promises, in exchange of their votes. Large migrations from people who have the “campesino” label now right next to the “indigenous” category… so is the ruling demagogue. Not only do those unwanted migrations revert the culture and condition of the indigenous families but distort not only the economy but the way of living. In this case, was an excuse for large disbursement… to what end/purpose? Just throw away money… an investment to get votes… to remain in power.

Those newcomers were also misled with smoking mirrors, and of course they will live elsewhere as they are urban people, they will just “hold” to that land, so they can sell it in the future, its pure speculation. It is like the people who sell in city’s markets, family members sprout all over the market and then take over the sidewalks, they are like a plague, informal economy which pays no taxes, promotes smuggling but make street blockades whenever it pleases them. They sell that “power force” to those politicians who need them. Sad and nauseating reality…

Where is the protection of the human rights, of the environment? Just plain demagogue of the worst leftist/populist government in our history. they will do whatever comes to their polluted minds, just to remain on power…

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