Bolivian gov fails to understand priorities, embarks in useless expenses like the G77 meeting…

Marcelo Rivero writes in El Deber:

The summit, a pill we must not swallow

El Deber logoContinue sliding down the MAS authorities of all stripes from the centralism installed in La Paz in order to give instructions (are stories about consensus) overlooking the vaunted summit, using the cramp to be funny before smiling ones by force that are not missing. Therefore, continues to spend money as it will be useless, unless a statement of no substance and too much paraphernalia is railed against the ’empire’. Not even can we reiterate the Bolivian demand for the sea, because the position of the maximum coca leader prevents it, because, well, a Chilean delegation is coming and worse if its headed by their next leader.

Santa Cruz should not pay a dime for that expenditure, being works which corresponds to the state, with plenty of billionaires resources in the centralism, royalties, taxes and various levies also represent millions who are made in our region and that goes to the national treasury because it is so provided by the centralism and the bosses in la Paz capital.

As for the MAS and Andean government, wants to put Santa Cruz on the cusp, so chose the capital Santa Cruz to host the meeting, is another fallacy that can not make us swallow, after eight years of distilling poisonous attack to Santa Cruz for being autonomous, to accuse, insult and invade, they pursue and endeavor to replace our traditions. Like that masismo – despite a few truckloads trying to accommodate and safely put their interests – continues with the electorate against and runs the risk of losing again in the coming elections, the situation is reversed with that lie.

That, regardless of the rulers who will attend the meeting, they would surely have requested that this be on the lowlands, the highlands and the host would rant a deadly combination. Not to forget that when the former first ladies summit took place, they stayed in La Paz for a little gathering which was ruined because one of them got sick by almost 3,600 meters above sea level, had to bring her to the emergency clinic Incor and goodbye to the gossip.

In other words, if current ochlocracy intends to use this G77+China gathering as another element for their illegitimate re-re-election… they should not use Santa Cruz funds.

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