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Bolivia governmental incongruences regarding the Media!

Carlos Valverde writes in El Deber:

Media opponents?

Carlos ValverdeAccording to the Minister, Amanda Dávila, “at least 99% of the media opponents have advertising of the State”; she does not define what come to be ‘average opponents’ and, worse still, quotes them. Considering that the President said in El Deber that 80% of the media are ‘friends’, does that mean that 20% of the media are the opponents? It is clear that a media, a program, or a journalist who are critical of the power means or expresses opposition, especially when these have maintained throughout their career the same behavior with all the levels of power and the Governments, and all they have received were complaints or accusations of being opposition or being ‘playing along with the opposition’.

If a media is not critical, if id does not make claims, if it does not question, there is no journalism. Whether the media is dedicated to camouflage the weaknesses of the Government and magnifies compulsory positive actions, propaganda, is not reporting. To say that 99% of the advertising goes to the media, involves the fact that there is a 1% that does not have it, and that is not a full democracy. Minister Davila said that the Government has five criteria to distribute the official guideline: 1) reach of the media (there are in the entire territory); (2) public goal to which addresses. Who defines it? Does the Government define what type of audience has a channel, a radio station or a newspaper? The Government ‘stratified’, that is understandable if it concerns to programs, although we have seen advertising on almost everyone, when the media ‘is a friend’?; (3) that meet the basic constitutional principles of no to racism and discrimination; (4) criteria of balance and veracity. Who determines these values? The ‘censor’ team? Based in ‘their’ vision or power interest?; (5) purpose of the Government to spread its advertising. Doesn’t the Government want that ‘information reaches all’?

It would be good that the Minister defines, I reiterate, what she meant by ‘media opponents’. In my case, there is probably my mistake, I am critical, but I’m not opposing; I do not do politics, but journalism and not looking for an alternative power, political or business terms. Probably that is the reason why I have no advertising nor from the Government nor the City Hall, even though I have urged both Governments to comply with my right to have advertising by the State. Media opponents… bah!