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Our Carvalho is the Bolivian guest at the Kenya Poetry Festival

Anahi Cazas reports for Pagina Siete:


Carvalho is the Bolivian guest at the Festival of poetry in Kenya

Poets from five continents will participate in the event. Among the invited are Laus Strandby and Patricia Jabbeh Wesley.

2014-01-09 07.42.10 amThe Beni writer and poet, Homero Carvalho is the boliviano invited to the International Festival of poetry in Kenya, Africa, which will take place from July 31 to August 5.

“I’m excited and happy. It will be a huge satisfaction to represent Bolivia in another continent. It will be an honor to visit Kenya, which is one of the most loved by writers, because it has inspired a series of books and films,”said Carvalho to Pagina Siete.

The author said at the festival he will read verses of the Golden Realms poems and Nightly Inventory. About the first one, it’s a publication of 2009. “It is a work inspired by ancient civilizations that lived in the territory of Moxos,” said.

In the case of the second, it is a book of poetry with which the author won the national prize of poetry: Yolanda Bedregal, in 2012.

Carvalho received the invitation yesterday. “The festival organizers sent me the invitation. Participating poets from various countries of the five continents”, said. The meeting involve poets like Laus Strandby Nielsen (Denmark), Patricia Jabbeh Wesley (Liberia) and others.

According to Carvalho, it is the first poetry festival which occurs in Kenya.

“At a gathering of poets in Medellín I met several authors of Kenya and had the opportunity to share my work. I think that is why I was called for this event,” he said.

In July of last year, Carvalho represented the country at the second international colloquium for Amazon literature, in Pucallpa, Peru. In this encounter, the beniano also presented his book Amazon Poetry Anthology in Bolivia, which has a compilation of the work of more than 40 Bolivian authors.

In August, the author published the book the last supper and other tales, in Pasacalle editorial company in Lima, Peru. The publication is part of the collection of paperbacks that supports the Pasacalle editorial and has the goal of editing the work of the best-known Latin American writers.

About the writer

Life, was born in Santa Ana de el Yacuma, Beni Department, in 1957.

Work, writes short stories, novels, poetry and essay.

Works, published stories as biography of a fall, beings of words, and others. In poetry, wrote the doors, the golden realms and others.


Congratulations to Homero Carvalho, we need this kind of news at this hectic times!