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To understand the driving forces and motives of current Bolivian Ochlocracy!

Humberto Vacaflor writes in El Deber:

The Sinahota prophecy

Humberto VacaflorA document which became known in 2007 with the name of thesis of Sinahota, attributed to the ‘vice’ Álvaro García Linera, caused concern for a few weeks, but no one denied it. To check it now allows to warn that those who drafted the document were anticipating what was going to occur in Bolivia.

It was not an essay that was proposed to envision the future, but a list of something that was determined for the Bolivians. It was a prophecy. It is appropriate to refer one of the paragraphs of that document. “The main task to reverse the relations of domination in the political arena through denying the codes and values of Western democracy. It is based on the fragmentation of power through the formula: one person, one vote. Its core is individual and that is the main factor to be neutralized by the new relationship of domination. Democracy should not therefore be individual, but collective, not is it legitimized by the vote, but by the capacity for mobilization of social movements (abolish the individual to impose the collective)”.

Everything is said. The TSE [electoral institution] should ensure that the prophecy is fulfilled: some native votes are counted twice. About the criteria for designating authorities, the document said: “Nowadays, the authorities need to reflect more the ethnic and social sign: an Aymara in the position of Chancellor and a maid in the portfolio of Justice. This operation aims to show the middle class that they will be in a place where they will be primarily subdued-by and under-appreciated, under this new order, based on criteria of racial and social discrimination”. To review this entire document lets you know what are the designs of the current Government for Bolivians.

The basic concept is that the middle class should be “crushed and humiliated”. “Be humiliated, overlooked, abused economically, remove its social and cultural references constitute parts of the gear of the power to remove the sense of life to the average class, their sense of existence, making them manipulable and without identity”. It is good to know what candidates propose.


So… the truth shall be known… and we must end this ochlocracy in October 2014! once and for all!!