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Bolivian cuisine on the map – kudos to GUSTU!!

Tatiana Sanabria reports for Pagina Siete:

Gustu, simply the best restaurant

The digital magazine Como Sur [eat south], has chosen them, by vote, as best new restaurant, best restaurant and best chef in 2013.

2014-01-22 10.33.07 amYesterday, Gustu restaurant in La Paz, took a huge and pleasant surprise to learn that was chosen as the best restaurant in South America from 2013 the digital magazine Como Sur, thanks to an open vote, which evaluated restaurants, chefs, festivals and gastronomic highlights of Bolivia, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile and Peru.

Besides, this restaurant – established by renowned chef Claus Meyer – the Danish Kamilla Seidler, head chef of Gustu won first place in the categories best new restaurant and best chef, in this case. A success.

“Gustu team works very hard to achieve excellence in what they do, and this recognition represents a lot for us. It means that we are moving in the right direction, to make the world recognize the value of Bolivian products,” says Michelangelo Cestari, general manager of the restaurant.

Como Sur is a leading portal in dissemination of information on the latest trends in the culinary field in South America.

With around 30,000 followers around the world, this year threw for the first time as South Best 2013 Awards to recognize the best representatives of the regional gastronomy, in 12 categories.

“The votes collapsed the page from the moment that we opened the polls on Monday, with the participation of people from around the world, even from Australia. In general, it was great to see how passionate gourmets and travelers and our readers put the eyes in the cuisine of South America, and the great advances that has had in the last decade,” explained Como Sur in its web portal.

Kamilla Seidler believes that this recognition responds Gustu’s as one of the few restaurants worldwide that works 100% with products of a single country, highlighting an innovative and very successful so the flavors, aromas and colors of each ingredient.

“Always complying with the highest standards of quality, we look after the smallest details, with respect for the Earth and what it offers us, because we are in love with Bolivia”, expresses excited the head chef.

For next year, Como Sur administrators announced the participation of Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela in this competition which, in its first version, recorded a resounding and proven success.

“This is a recognition of the hard work and sacrifice in Gustu. It is a great pride and pleasure to work with the best chef,” says Mauricio Zárate, one of the students benefited from the Melting Pot Bolivia Foundation.

Social approach

More than a restaurant, Gustu is a project of Danish Meyer, co-owner of the prestigious Noma in Copenhagen, who decided in favor of Bolivia to revolutionize the gastronomy, revaluing native ingredients and creating a social impact.

Less than a year of its opening, it established a school with around twenty students, created a laboratory to analyze the tastes and textures of products that are little known in the country and, incidentally, organized the Tambo gastronomic fair, where it promotes the national food.

This movement began in the 1990s, driven by this gastronomic entrepreneur, convinced that “respect for the Earth and to the products of each region are the essential basis for the identity of peoples”.

Finding a solid base in the manifesto of the new Nordic kitchen, which includes base food on seasonal ingredients, sustainable agricultural processes and the revaluation of the native food, Meyer created a philosophy of exploration of local products, discovery of wild ingredients and the recreation of traditional dishes with a simple and innovative approach.

Under this model, Meyer and his Melting Pot Foundation developed a Bolivian gastronomic movement, in order to “enhance and leverage the richness and potential of Bolivian culinary culture to position Bolivia as a first level gastronomic destination”.

In the words of Michelangelo Cestari, “Gustu is a complete project, innovative and unique to that part of the dream of a group of visionaries who believe can change the world through food and that they are working hard for inspiring a new generation dedicated to the culinary arts and food production activities, becoming, in addition, an engine for national socio-economic progress as well as a source of unity, equality and pride.” A success.

Winners as South Best of 2013 Awards

Best culinary event Gastrocruz, Santa Cruz, Bolivia.

Best culinary festival Mistura, of Lima, Peru.

Best dinner series unpublished BBVA, of Lima, Peru.

Best new restaurant Gustu, La Paz, Bolivia

Best hotel Senzo, Cusco, Peru.

Best Winery Mun at Casarena, Mendoza, Argentina

Best restaurant closed doors Dugnad, Santiago, Chile.

Best pop up IS Creative Kitchen, Lima, Peru.

Best chef Kamilla Seidler, Gustu, La Paz, Bolivia.

Best restaurant Gustu, La Paz, Bolivia.

Best recipe book, Nikkei Es Peru, Mitsuharu Tsumura.

Best culinary publication Etiqueta Negra, Lima, Peru.


And that is not all… Gustu is also cometing in Spain, pleas read below the original Spanish article: