Bolivian innovation: Uma Luna produces soaps of quinoa, cañawa and amaranth

Alejandra Pau reports for Pagina Siete:

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Uma Luna produces soaps of quinoa, cañawa and amaranth

NEW. An entrepreneur promotes these ecological and healthy products with three powerful grains of the Andes.

2013-05-30 08.25.56 amThe subtle scents perfume all the atmosphere of the Uma Luna workshop in the area of Kupini, in La Paz, where artisanal and organic soaps are made. These fragrances are nuances of a secret that lies at the heart of the Bolivian altiplano, in those high plains where quinoa, cañawa and amaranth are grown.

La Paz historian Consuelo Sánchez is the creator of the brand Uma Luna, name that means water moon (uma in aymara is water), which was launched to the market in November 2012.

With this venture has developed a variety of ecological and organic soaps which includes that she calls “the three powerful grains of the Andes”.

“I love cooking and I’ve always incorporated these cereals in the diet of my family. Thus arose the idea of including them in the soaps before having them officially on sale. “Of course, I started investigating their strengths but in its use as a soap”, explains the creator of this undertaking.

12 varieties of soaps with pH (measure of acidity or alkalinity of a solution) are neutral. They contain no fat or animal oils, only vegetable, and are made with natural instead of perfume essences and 100% mineral water.

But, how do you achieve SOAP if not using the others?

The creator, who is also a great lover of the captivating power of the moon, explains that they perform a process called saponification – very common to work with these products – which is based on water, bleach and some kind of fat. In this case, rather than fat, almonds or cocoa butter, extra virgin olive oil is used.

Curing soaps take five to six weeks, time required for bleach and water to evaporate.

In addition to the Andean grains, Uma Luna proposes soap of olive oil and rosemary, oat and almond oil, watermelon, chocolate and coffee, among others.

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