Briberies? gifts? from current ochlocracy with our taxes!!

ERBOL reports in Pagina Siete:


MAS admits that Government gives cars to privates

2014-01-03 10.17.34 amDeputy [congressman] of the movement toward socialism (MAS) Rodolfo Calle admitted yesterday that social organizations, receiving gifts from the Government, have private character, although he stressed that their work is for public benefit. [so… does that mean, cars will be handed in to the Rotary, Aldeas SOS, the Catholic Church and/or Davosan?]

“With this work (organizations) are supporting the Bolivian community. It is not a job for the person, it is not for the owner of the Organization, is for the entire organization. If a car is given, is for everyone”, the legislator said.

Congressman Calle exemplified that micro-entrepreneurs, sector that he represents, “are private, but make public management, work with the public and employ the public”.

In recent weeks the President Evo Morales handed over vehicles for federations of coca growers in the Chapare and related social organizations to the MAS, and a radio for farmers in the Yungas. [quite an electoral campaign for the illegitimate re-re-election, with our money!!]

In this regard, the Assemblyman of the MAS, assured that gifts are not for election campaign.

Opposition Deputy Andrés Ortega described as “theft” those costs that are incurred by the executive organ in gifts towards certain social organizations.

“When there is an expenditure of the State without fulfilling requirements simply is called theft. What else could it be said? The problem is where to complain, would (will go) to the Prosecutor’s Office of the MAS?, to the Comptroller of the MAS, to the Ministry of transparency of the MAS?.”

For his part the former mallku [leader of CONAMAQ] of the National Council of Ayllus and Markas de el Qullasuyu, Rafael Quispe recalled that the Government gave a chute  [illegal, smuggled, used] vehicle to his organization.

… a typical country…

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