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Bolivians abroad continue delivering to their families!!

This is clear proof that Bolivians do love their families! Despite the lack of justice, certainty and work due to the wrongdoings of current central government, Bolivians do work hard overseas and send money back home, good for them! Just wish things would change here so they would find jobs inside Bolivia…

From El Diario:

Growing remittances

2014-01-11 08.01.00 amRemittances in the month of November 2013 reached $94.2 million, an excess of 6.6% over similar month during 2012, according to the latest report of the Central Bank of Bolivia, (BCB).

In the period January-November 2013, Bolivia received $1,072.5 million dollars by concept of workers’ remittances, amount increased by 7.4% compared to the remittances received in the similar period of the year 2012. Between January and November 2013, by the origin of the remittances, came mainly from Spain 48.9%, United States 16.7%, Argentina 8.8%, Chile 6.0%, Brazil 4.5% and other countries 15.1%.

By destination, between January and November 2013 remittances came to the departments of Santa Cruz 41.3%, Cochabamba 30.5%, La Paz 15.6% and the rest of the country 12.6%.

In the period January-November 2013, arrived from Spain $524.0 million, against $440.6 million in similar period from 2012. Also, coming from the United States in the period January-November 2013 were $178.7 million, excess of 2.7% compared to same period in 2012.