A good start to engage internet to sell our ag produce

ANF reports in El Deber:

Bolivian offer meat and vegetables on social networks

2013-08-15 07.31.39 amThe Coordinator of integrating indigenous and native peasant economic organizations (Cioec Bolivia), made available online, through social networks, the possibility that all people, in the country or abroad, have access to bids in matter of food, crafts and community solidarity tourism services, free of charge. [whoever wrote this, fails to understand that ALL vendors in the web do offer for free, there is no site where you have to pay to get access to]

2013-08-15 09.33.59 amThis initiative is called intelligence network of organizational partnership markets (RIM) through which the Bolivian citizenship, as well as people outside of the country, can acquire food, crafts and services of community solidarity tourism, through the platform http://www.cioecbolivia.org/, entering the “Market” tab and apply directly for products by sending an electronic message.

2013-08-15 09.46.46 am“It is producers of the nine departments of the country that will expose fresh food and processed vegetables, potato and exotic products, such as chestnut, copuazu, quinoa beer, api, aji from Sucre and products derived from honey in shampoos, invigorating – such as the lifting champion -, physical and mental restorative, much better than viagra”, says the President of Bolivia Cioec, Justino Loayza Oliva.

The electronic platform provides and facilitates various forms of computer access at the level of small producers and consumers. To do this, a training process is carried out in the rural area, which is where is concentrated the largest number of partners Cioec Bolivia partners.

Loayza said that modifications to the virtual platform is developed according to the skills and abilities of small producers as well as the user population, which include homemakers, mothers, and managers of restaurants club taking into account access to and use of the technologies of information and communication (ICT).

However, despite the democratization of information and communication technologies, recognizes that even they are not prepared to sell directly through the platform, since “not all small producers have daily access to the internet, so through computer operators at the national and departmental levels, Cioec will meet the demands of the population nationally and internationally”.

Despite this new platform to promote their products through this new online marketplace, Cioec has not abandoned the promotion of their products directly in zonal fairs called Microferia of the Oeca, performed every fifteen days in zones established in cities of the central axis.

Other guidelines that are in process is the strategic alliance with the Bolivian movement of gastronomic integration (MIGA), with the objective of offering quality food, guaranteed and at competitive prices, as well as ensuring the provision of organic food.



CIOEC’s Board is:

2013-08-15 09.38.17 am


This is what Bolivian people need, to be competitive, to work in a sustainable way. Enough with cheap politics and lousy demagogue! I welcome CIOEC to The Hall of Bolivian Fame!

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