Undeniably, Bolivia is mestizo!!

Humberto Vacaflor G. writes in El Diario:

Explosion of mestizos

Humberto VacaflorAnother surprise that contain the results of the 2012 census is that the inhabitants of this country found the most effective way to challenge the Government’s decision to exclude the mestizos.

The most appropriate response found in the Census ballot was to say that more than 60% of the citizens, do not belong to any ethnic group.

Difficult choice, because it resembled a disregard to the native ethnic groups, but there is a surprise: Quechua and Aymara defected of their own ethnic groups and joined the “no” box.

The newspaper Pukara, indigenous power, made this statement: “regarding the identification according to the language spoken in the 2001 census, indicates that the Aymara are 1,525,321; data on self-identification of the 2012 reduced them to 1,191,352. About the Quechuas, the 2001 data indicate 2,281,198 individuals and the 2012 census, 1,281,116. A million Quechua have “disappeared”! It is thus likely that much of the indigenous, especially the quechua population, has attached to the “mestizo” identity as unequivocal rejection of the policy of the Government on indigenous identity.

• The Census says that the growth rate of the population of Santa Cruz is 9.5% per annum and La Paz is 4%. Therefore, in the months that have passed since the census, the difference in favor of La Paz that emerged in the final result (revised), has been annulled by reality. At this time, Santa Cruz is the Department with more population, because it grew up at 200,000 while La Paz only grew by 100,000.

• It would be good in the advertising campaign on the use of natural gas, in the country, to take into account what they have just discovered in the Census: the main source of fuels of Bolivians is the GPL, which represents 62.4% of use, followed by the wood, with 24.4% and natural gas only accounts for 10.2%.

In this case there is a trap that confuses people who are in charge of propaganda. To make home pipe connections for natural gas, does not mean that that House will receive natural gas, because someone forgot, sometimes for several years, to build the matrix pipe.

In short, the Census has left many surprises. Not only because of the changes to the final figures with respect to the preliminary. The eagerness to make speeches of the President forced the surrender of preliminary data, as he just admit it himself.


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Enough with the illegitimate re-re-election. We need a better government!!

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