Moxos recognized as cultural heritage of humanity!

Adhemar Manjon reports from San Ignacio De Moxos for El Deber:


The culture of the Moxeño lives in their main holiday

2013-07-31 08.47.20 am

An authentic celebration occurred yesterday [7/30/13] in San Ignacio de Moxos, with the beginning of the Ichapekene Piesta, the greater celebration of the people, which today, will be declared cultural heritage of humanity

2013-07-31 08.28.09 amThe celebrations, which remind of the triumph of San Ignacio de Loyola on barbarian peoples and their beliefs, with the help of moxeño ancestral spirits, began yesterday early in the capital of the Beni, province of Moxos. Everything began at 4:00 with the salute to the aurora and a procession around the town with the image of Apostle Santiago, responsible, according to the tradition, to bring the announcement of this party.

At noon, a large detonation or “camaretazo” indicated the entrance of the Tintiririnti in his horse, which reached the Missional Temple San Ignacio, giving warning that the Ichapekene Piesta was about to begin. With it came the “macheteros” [dancers with machetes] who danced to the rhythm of a “pifano”, a kind of flute made from the leg of the bato [tuyuyu], a bird in the area, and the “achus”, spirits of the forest and one of the main protagonists of this celebration.

The people united

The procession began in the Church with 40 groups of native musicians and dancers, headed by the “macheteros” and the “achus”, who were followed closely by the tigers, the bulls, the fish, deer, the “ajucharakis”, the mother’s club of San Ignacio de Moxos, in addition to members of the Indigenous Grand Council, and municipal government, headed by Mayor Basilio Nolvani.

Ezequiel Vela, Corregidor of the Indigenous Grand Council, said that to be able to continue to transmit the traditions of his people through the Ichapekene Piesta is very important, since it is the only way that they can linger over time.

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