An update on alleged terrorism accusations by Ignacio Villa Vargas, AKA “el viejo”

Breaking news on the alleged terrorism accusations from current government: Marco Curi writes for El Día, May 31, 2012:

Statements of ‘El viejo’:

Soza put names saw convenient

Rózsa Case: Civics, a congressman from the opposition and the family of an accused person believe that Villa Vargas revelations show that the case was built by the Government.

Again Ignacio Villa Vargas alias “El Viejo”, comes to the fore on the Rózsa case, but now to accuse Prosecutor Marcelo Soza who compelled [Villa] to accuse the civic, political and business leaders from Santa Cruz.

“Who will investigate them, because they will be investigating themselves, because they caused all this”, Ignacio Villa Vargas told the media.

He continued that “while kidnapped by the Prosecutor (Marcelo) Soza, I did what he wanted, like putting the names of persons, they gave me lists already made”.

He indicated that he provided to be the “key witness” “in exchange for the safety of his family, because they always tried to hijack my family.” “I have been abused physically, I have the aftermath, here is my crutch, half invalid stayed”.

Andrade and Clavijo. Also, “El Viejo” accused the captain of the former Tactics of Resolution of Crisis Unit (Utarc), Wálter Andrade, and the former director of the internal regime, Luis Clavijo, along with his person (Villa Vargas), to put the bomb in the house of Cardinal Julio Terrazas on April 15, 2009.

“In the audience are going to prove that we have never done terrorism, those who did are Captain Andrade with Luis Clavijo, I was with him when he detonated the bomb, it has not been the people of Santa Cruz, has been the people of the Government”, revealed “El Viejo”.

He indicated that the central Government was looking for “a war to kill the heads (autonomists), that is why people is gone (from the country), not by cowardly reasons, but because really, they were going to be killed already, that was the intention of the Government”, said in a brief contact with the media in the seat of Government.

Later and soon to begin the hearing of the trial, Villa Vargas had to be moved with oxygen to the Clinicas Hospital of La Paz, due to a decompensation that suffered by the high altitude.

The setting was unveiled. The two Vice-Chairmen of the Pro Santa Cruz Civic Committee, Nicolás Ribera and Luis Alberto Áñez, stated that what was known, “that the case is a political setting to destroy the Santa Cruz autonomists” has been unveiled.

Ribera regretted that Villa Vargas “had waited so long to just tell the truth, after having spotted the dignity of many “cruceña” [Santa Cruz] families in a case that never existed”.

Áñez remarked that the irregularities in the development of the investigation, the presence of international seers in the oral trial is necessary.

In the same vein, Ericka Oroza, wife of former Judge Luis Tapia Pachi, who is [now] a political refugee in Brazil, said that it was always skeptical that the figure of terrorism had occurred. She said it is a reality created by the Government, due to the lack of interest of the Public Ministry to make the process transparent.

Manipulation of absurd act. For his part, the congressman of National Convergence (CN), Tomas Monasterio, said that the revelations of “El Viejo”, show that there is a Government manipulation of an absurd act.

He regretted that Andrade and Clavijo aren’t even investigated. He indicated that in the time which has elapsed, there were a series of human rights violations and never Prosecutor Soza showed terrorism. “That is why I request process return back, by a black hand not only by prior actions but during the persecution of crime”, he said.

To present evidence. Before these statements of Villa Vargas, the Deputy of the movement toward socialism (MAS), Edwin Tupa, ordered to “El Viejo” to present evidence of his accusations. “This defendant otherwise may complicate his legal status for libel and slander,” he emphasized.

Beheading os Santa Cruz leadership. Meanwhile, the Secretary of the Institutional Coordination of the Santa Cruz Governorate, Oscar Ortiz, remarked that the interest of the National Executive was to behead the “cruceña” leadership. He said that Villa Vargas went from “Key witness” to accuser, when the “bribery video” spread, where he is observed receiving $ 31,500 dollars from government officials, “process which never advanced”, he questioned.


‘The Government executed my colleagues’

Revelations. Hungarian Elöd Tóásó and Croatian – Bolivian Mario Tadic, accused of an alleged plot against President Evo Morales, stated today that three of his companions were “executed” by the police on April 16, 2009 and not died in a clash with police, as authorities say.

“There was no confrontation.” “In five minutes were executed”, said Tóásó, arrested that day by police in a hotel in Santa Cruz where the controversial police operation which ended the life of the Romanian Arpad Magyarosi, Irish Dwyer Michael Martin and the Hungarian – Croatioan – Bolivian Eduardo Rózsa occurred.

Tóásó, through a translator, insisted that he is “innocent”, which suffered “torture”, that there was “illegalities” in his process, that the trial should be cancelled and he is receiving help from his Government and international support. “There was no confrontation.” For once it should be clear, because if there had been a confrontation, there would have been injured policemen ‘. / EFE

Point of view

“It’s a montage to discredit the cruceños” [people from Santa Cruz]

“With respect to this trial, there is still information that is not known, producing greater disrepute to the adversarial arguments of the public prosecutor’s Office.”

Statements by Ignacio Villa Vargas, what they do is sow doubts about how this process has been.

Situation that affirms the idea that this is a montage in which the State has participated to discredit the leadership and people of Santa Cruz.

Because all this was part of a scene of conflict to disqualify a sector of the population, in the sense of the speeches of the President and the Vice President of the State, in the sense that there was a conspiracy to overthrow them.

In other words, ‘El Viejo’ statements, what it does is to reaffirm that this process had knowledge and important participation by the State itself, in order to disqualify a region and a political and social leadership.

“To measure that they are uncovering more information, this distrust will continue to grow”.

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