Bolivian government’s ‘offer’: regarding salary increases for 2012

This is ANF’s report, published by El Dia:

The national Government yesterday delivered the response to the list of demands of the Bolivian workers Union (COB), which highlights the salary increase of 7 and 15 percent to the national minimum wage.

The Deputy Minister of coordination with social movements, César Navarro, was who delivered the written reply of the Executive to the headquarters of the workers. The Government authority ratified that the Government may declare the increase based on 2011 inflation figures.

“The salary increase would be above the inflation of the past year, is about 7 percent, then the increase will have this parameter because it is a policy that the Government is developing since 2006 onwards.”

“we are waiting for the evaluation of the COB, simply to set a wage increase to the national minimum that will be 15 percent, moreover it implies improving all the social benefits”, the Authority expressed to the press.

With regard to the private sector, Navarro explained that it applies the same methodology that was used since Evo Morales took command of the country, i.e., a negotiation between employer and employees on the basis of the increase to be determined. In addition, it clarified that the increase will be only for lower-ranking officials and not for the State authorities.

The leadership of the COB reported that it will analyze the document in an expanded emergency meeting which will take place on Tuesday April 3.

The wage increase in 2006 was 13.6 per cent, and wages rose from Bs 440 to 500; in 2007, the increase was 5 per cent, i.e. Bs 525; in 2008, workers received an increase of 10 per cent, Bs 577,5 and in 2009 reached 12 percent Bs 647; for 2010 was set at Bs 670. In 2011 rose to Bs 815, meant more than 20 per cent and with this increase for 2012, 15 per cent, it will mean Bs 937.

Inflation, “ineptocracy” and demagogue are raising salary and it turn, severe constraints and less competitiveness to our industry. While narco dollars and money laundering keep on raising the prices for most commodities. Social pressure also brings another burden to the household, have a better gadget, eat and party outside. And we are failing to produce more value added to our exports, while fewer of us do keep on paying taxes.

Chances are that there will be some days of strike and blockade threats until a salary increase is approved, and this way of handling our lives keeps going and going on and on…

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