In Bolivia crime will be reported using Twitter, Facebook and Google Earth

Bolivia has been suffering incredible crime and violence rates, escalating over the last decade. Fortunately, there is a wonderful attempt to help the police do their work. Pagina Siete reports:

A virtual platform will allow Bolivian citizenship to denounce crimes over the internet, through a web page or social networks like Facebook and Twitter, thanks to an agreement between the Inter-American Bank of development (IADB), the National Police and the Vice-minister of public safety.

The official presentation of this new mechanism will take place February 12, however, the representative in Bolivia of the Inter American Development Bank (IADB), Baudouin Duquesne, released the advanced features which will involve the incorporation of technology in the fight against crime.

Through this plan, called “Safe city“, the registration in the criminal system, will be implemented in a digital platform that will allow any internet user, active in social networks or bearer of a mobile device with the Android operating system, to be able to report a crime.

“We are with the Observatory (of public safety) developing a very modern platform which will allow to visualize geographically, as in ‘Google Earth’ or other maps where are the hot spots of violence and insecurity.” “Will be interesting both for the police to develop policies and intervention strategies, as citizens, to be prevented”, explained the representative [IADB].

The creation of a virtual platform demanded the investment of half a million dollars and will allow the registry and complaints on theft, violence or transit accidents on the basis of visible digital maps on the web portal In this website, anyone can issue an alert.

In this regard, the sectoral specialist in the IADB that is carrying out the project, Gilberto Moncada, explained the mechanism uses that exists in the mapping software in Google Earth, for four cities of the country: La Paz, Cochabamba, Santa Cruz and El Alto.

“The system allows, for example, if a person got his vehicle stolen, he can enter through the web page and hence through applications of the available social networks like Twitter and Facebook, he can fill out the information of what has happened and automatically a map will be displayed with the information that you give”, asserted.

What is intended, according to officials, is to counter the crime wave affecting the central axis of the country. It’s been analyzed so that in the near future, it will be able to expand this initiative to all capital cities of Bolivia.

The technology was created by nearly 12 technical graduates from the military school of Engineering (EMI) and the University Mayor of San Andrés (UMSA), who divided into three teams and developed the mobile, web and operational part of the system in six months, this is a 100% software developed in country. What is being sought, according to the initial idea is to create a social network to exert precaution in the security of the population and allow the immediate response of the authorities, both goals rely on the basis of the social participation of the entire population as part of the public safety.

This is certainly the best hope and pride of our technicians, the support of an international organization like the IADB. This is the type of actions we need to cope and revert our crime rates. Kudos to all of those wonderful people who participated to make this happen!

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