US keeps dialogue with Bolivia… what about us??! article “US tries to re-establish full relations with Ecuador, Bolivia and Venezuela,” published yesterday; follows excerpts pertaining our lovely country:

““We continue to dialogue with these countries about what would be needed to normalize relations at ambassador level, and to work on that track”, said Nuland during a round with the press on Tuesday.

However she admitted it was not possible to have the three Latin American countries in the same group, since each has its own particularities.

“In the case of Bolivia we would like to be in a better position”…  “but we will address each relation based on its own merits”.

“There’s always room to improve any relation that is why we keep to dialogue and continue trying”, she added.

Bolivia and the US signed last November a framework agreement to re-launch relations following on almost three years when towards the end of 2008 President Evo Morales expelled (sic) the US ambassador claiming he was supporting a coup against the President.

Both countries agreed that the latest approach was the first step to achieve the return of ambassadors.”

Spanish mention of the above, appeared today in El Dia, picture of Nuland displayed above is also from the same link, below:

Yesterday, current Bolivian president was urging the EU and the UN to provide assistance in the war against drugs. Had he kept normal bilateral relations with the US, he wouldn’t have had to ask for that. I have witnessed how the Europeans and the United Nations work on related matters… they are very, very slow to deliver.

UN offices do not have funding, may have great ideas and principles but do not have funding, so they go after countries for funds. That represents that at the end of the day, requisites and obligations from a grantee means that they have to fulfill UN’s particular requisites and also those of the particular donor.

The European Union has a similar way of working, having their own regs, they have to go ask individual country members and process is fairly similar.

In the meantime, narcotraffick has escalated and international press and the community are slowly beginning to think this government has caused, or at least has done nothing to prevent it. This government, failed at managing the diplomatic relations with the USA, everybody knew about current president’s position and hate against capitalism, so he didn’t need to go under that path, it was just a posture that showed the size of his ego and probably the behavior it was expected from him, by Venezuela and Cuba leaders.

To make things worse in the international arena for this government, its alleged sympathy towards Syria, Iran is also cause for great concern for democracy advocates, and there you can see how UN and EU may react. This government can not just believe what they do with the right hand will not be known by the left. Bolivia diplomacy has to be coherent.

Bolivia needs to play in accordance to over 400 years of existence, Bolivia is part of the western civilization and as such, our religion, our way of life will prevail.

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