Briefs: Margarita gas field; crafts; electricity prices

Margarita gas field: Yesterday in La Paz, Chuquisaca and Tarija walked out the meeting without solution. For details, see link:

La Razon reports:

After a lengthy meeting with energy sector officials, representatives of both departments left the central office facilities of YPFB in the city of La Paz, but not before ratifying and insisting on their positions to the media.

Tarija proposes that before conducting a technical study to determine the extent of the gas field, a regulation should be developed and approved on the standards for the distribution of royalties.

Chuquisaca has another position. Regional authorities and the civic in the region call for the strict observance of existing rules. They note, for example, that the Hydrocarbons Law establishes in one of its articles: a technical study for areas where there are fields in between departments.

For full Spanish article, see:

Crafts: Juan Carlos Mejia (43) produces beautiful wooden crafts of Bolivian and other type of animal sculptures.

Bichos is the name of his company, employs 11 artisans and has over 300 designs. The photo to the left shows a nice boar. He exports to France, Greece, Denmark and the USA.

Congratulations Juan Carlos Mejia, we need people like you!!

Electricity prices: This is the best news this government has made in a long, long time!! Whoever uses more electricity pays more, thus benefitting those of us who use the energy wisely.

La Razon reports:

Electropaz users (La Paz) and Elfec (Cochabamba) that consume more than 200 kilowatts (kW) hours / month will pay more for electricity supply. Meanwhile, customers of distribution companies CESSA (Sucre), CRE (Santa Cruz) and Elfeo (Oruro) will benefit from discounts.

I hope this government continues in this trend, not only good for the citizens’ pockets but to the environment!

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