Daily Archives: November 10, 2011

TIPNIS: Government keeps on sending the worst possible message

El Deber website offers the latest speech from current Bolivian president:

President told the indigenous people of San Ignacio de Moxos to request their leaders and Assembly [congress] representatives to push for the construction of the road Villa Tunari-San Ignacio de Moxos, so it can go through the TIPNIS. [as planned]

He continued by saying the he saved his responsibility by getting the credit for the road construction, as well as by promulgating the short law; so now it is the hands of the region’s people to demand that the road project continues. [you’ve read it right, that was the message: I got the funds, then I rejected the road by Law and now it is up to you to continue with the road…?? are those the words of a statesman? acknowledging the approval of a law and then recommending it shouldn’t be obeyed?]

On the other hand, the Catholic Church expressed their support to the marchers who opposed the construction of the road inside the TIPNIS.


So what is the message we receive? for most of Bolivian citizens: laws are not to be enforced nor respected, problem still continues. For the international community: this country signs on a Law and speaks differently, so it is an unstable country, let’s keep our financing elsewhere. The coca growers, political party affiliates and supporters: we have to get respect from everyone out there, we can do as we please. The narcs: the more turmoil and social unrest, the better for our business. The police and the armed forces: we’ll continue to do as the government orders us.

I simply cannot understand this behavior, if the government issued a law where it said that no road was to go through the TIPNIS… then that should have sufficed; so why keeping to beat a dead horse? or is there something else that we poor mortals fail to understand?