Daily Archives: November 26, 2011

We must stop domestic gender violence

El Deber reports on this worrying issue that needs ALL our attention to make it stop!

In the XXI century, Bolivian women are still being humiliated, insulted, beaten and even killed by their partners. The country reports that seven out of ten women are victims of domestic violence, according to data disclosed by the resident coordinator of the United Nations in Bolivia (UN), Yoriko Yasukawa.

The information was disclosed on the occasion of the world day against gender violence, which takes place each November 25, in order to create awareness to put an end to this social scourge. “In Bolivia, seven out of ten women suffer some kind of physical and verbal aggression from her partner ,” insisted Yasukawa, to demand that these events do not go unpunished.

The representative of the UN in Bolivia expressed concern that family violence represents the end to the life of many women. What was said by Yasukawa is based on statistics. According to the center of training and development of women (Cidem), 136 women were murdered this year in the country. Of that total, 85 cases are murders (women murdered by their partners) and remaining deaths (51) correspond to public insecurity killings and other causes.

Women who marched yesterday in Santa Cruz capital, stated that one of the constraints for the violence are laws, which include mild penalties for spouses, cohabitees and boyfriends’ aggressors. They protested that Law 1674 only provides economic fines and detention of up to four days for those who have incurred in physical or psychological abuse against their partners.

However, they indicated that several institutions are pushing for more exemplary punishments to those offenders; such as the inclusion of Femicide as a criminal offence in the Penal Code, a penalty of 30 years in prison with no right to pardon.


It is only in our best interest and predisposition to lower those high rates in domestic violence. It is not up to any government nor religion, it is something we must change on our own, as individuals towards a better society. Bolivians can do better, yes we can!