Daily Archives: November 21, 2011

TIPNIS government’s same old song

If current government has something of remarkable nature is that is relentless. Likewise, it is just a shame that such energy and committment is only used to beat dead horses…

This cartoon is from El Dia, November 18, 2011. On top it reads “Inter-cultural ecologist.”

Current vice-minister for the environment is placing the non-approval, denied stamp on the environmental license for the TIPNIS. While on the left side, the road cutting the TIPNIS has the YES, approved environmental license. This government has a severe case of ‘absent-mindedness’ as the ‘short law’ approved after the 66 day march, expressly stated that there will not be a road inside the TIPNIS. Rather, the government keeps on sending messages that the road must cut the TIPNIS (president’s words over this past weekend, starting on Friday’s eve at the Beni celebration) or they will be no road at all.

This cartoon is from El Diario, November 19, 2011. Where you a comfortably seated president speaking to an indigenous TIPNIS marcher: “brother…! you know! I think the road [rodovia in Portuguese] will just go through the TIPNIS. it is beneficial!” and the indigenous person replies: “of course! it will benefit Brazil, Chile, the coca growers… and Bolivia..? at least they should give a sovereign access to the sea!!” I could see a little irony in the latter, for a sake of a better argument to someone who just can’t honor the Laws they sign, nor look ahead. Instead, Bolivian citizens feel confused, depressed, irritated and, most of all those who voted for this government feel cheated.

For this government, long gone are the days of the political discourse to protect mother earth… the international community is sadly watching this useless confrontation.