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Austrian tourist was not lost in Bolivia – Elmar Stellnberger

Sometime ago I wrote about Elmar Stellnberger, an Austrian tourist that appeared to be kidnapped or something worse… the link of that post is: https://bolivianthoughts.wordpress.com/2011/10/22/austrian-tourist-missing-in-bolivia-october-22-2011/

I honestly thought Bolivia would look bad for our tourism industry, today’s Pagina Siete published he is live and kicking!! Over a month ago he went to Cobija and then moved to Brasilea town, just crossing the bridge and fell in love in Brazil. So, he forgot about everything, then he moved to Puerto Maldonado, Peru and from there he flew back home, after 40 days. Some people say last time Elmar contacted his parents was when he asked for money, then silence, complete silence.

Austrian General Consul, Dieter Hausherr. says Elmar might have been flying home while his parents were coming to Bolivia, to date those worried parents cannot leave La Paz as they have high altitude sickness, they have to be stabilized before they take the plane back home.

Love can really make you lose time and space… so seize the day!