Unusual tornado hits Cochabamba??!

I lived in the midwest, USA where tornadoes are a part of their lives; unlike people from Cochabamba who were surprised by a micro tornado.

La Razon reports today, for more photographs and full Spanish article, please go to the link below:

Wednesday’s (11/16/11) event was the first phenomenon of this kind recorded in the valley, but chances are will not the last, said Erick Sossa, technician of the National Service of Meteorology and Hydrology (Senamhi). The expert said it is not common to see in Bolivia, the formation of such vortices, but could be repeated because “this anomaly is related to the hail that hit in recent days Arque municipalities, Tapacarí and Bolivar.”

The same perception has Magdalena Medrano, head of the Secretariat of the Mother Earth of the Governor’s office, who explained that due to the crossing of hot and cold winds, “the event could happen again.”

Meanwhile, the Risk Management Unit (UGR) of the Governance, yesterday quantified the damage that happened on Wednesday. In the event, 21 homes were damaged, an education unit, a chicken farm and cornfields. “We will deliver cement to fix walls and replace corrugated iron roofs for homes, then we will see the issue of the replacement of agricultural seed,” said Fernando Fernandez, head of the UGR.

Houses lost roofs and walls, and power poles fell down as well as dozens of eucalyptus trees. The house most affected belonged to Cinthia Lazarte, located in Pukara Grande, 30 minute drive from Cochabamba city. “In three minutes the wind took everything, I heard a noise, I wanted to leave, but I could not open the door and the roof began to fly,” she said.

Damaged infrastructure in a chicken farm, located in the T’ajra Agricultural Union. According to Fernandez, “the farm was the most devastated infrastructure in the area, it has been hit first because it is in the canyon entrance, they have roof leaks between shingles and lost some old corrugated tin shields. The worst is the death of baby chickens, at least 3,000 were lost.

” In Tamborada B, Angelica Rosas reported that after the disaster, no one slept. “Frightened stayed, pending all night because the wind was still, noisy.” Andia Sabina Vidal said its 5,000 meters of white corn were on the floor. “Everything was lost,” she said. The area also is milk producer. “Mastitis has grabbed the cow as they are scared. And when the whirlwind started, I had to hold on to the cow, so I wasn’t pulled out, “said one affected person.


08:40 am, Panamericana radio reported that due to the strong winds in Cochabamba city, the lights at the stadium were affected, so this field will not be available for night activities, at least for the next couple of months.

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