Daily Archives: November 25, 2011

Bolivias loses $55 million dollars in taxes…

La Razon reports that due to tax evasion and purchase of pirate/illegal software, Bolivia loses around $55 million dollars per year… An estimate provided by Microsoft Bolivia’s general manager, Alberto Mariaca.

Although, Mariaca reports, that purchase of legal software is growing, around $100 million dollars (not specified in the article below, the time span for such level).


I tried to purchase directly from the internet, legal software, and I still find a little discouraging countries like ours do not get incentives… like how about getting black Friday’s prices, for example? However, those of us who purchase over the web, directly, are in a way also paying overseas taxes and not locally.

But then, what do you do if most of your income is generated with that software out of other nation’s payments? Things get so complicated; at the international level, there should be a need to revisit who ends up receiving those tax revenues…