Daily Archives: November 29, 2011

Blackouts are in order: Santa Cruz suffers the most!

El Deber reports:

The main reason for today’s incoming cuts, from 14: 00, is due to non operation of the transmission line(high voltage) between Carrasco (Cochabamba) and Arboleda  in Buenavista, operated by the company ISA-Bolivia. This line will join maintenance, according to the National Committee on energy emission (CNDC). There will also be unavailability of some generating units and components of transmission in the rest of the country.

According to the spokesman of the Rural Cooperative of Electrification (CRE), Amilkar Jaldin, there will be 58,000 homes which will be without electricity at this time. The lack of electricity will be for a period of three hours and will gradually affect over 80 neighborhoods until 21: 00.

“Increase in the demand is associated with the increase in the temperature.” “In the next 48 hours we expect high temperatures, therefore there are some programmed cuts”, added Jaldín.

On their part, markets were concerned because they fear that their products will be affected and will lose their produce.”We have to move our products away because they will rotten,” said a vendor in the Ramafa market, one of the affected areas.

For tomorrow, it was also announced that there will be power outages in some 28,000 homes.


I remember current government officials saying over an over that there wasn’t going to be any cuts in electricity… it is not a loss to the family’s food in refrigerators, nor vendors at the markets, but also to all those businesses that have to produce and sell their production. Santa Cruz as the largest producer of food for the entire country, needs central authorities to solve this problem!!